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WEEKEND LOVE: STRANGE PLANTS A new release from indie publishers Zioxla celebrates the weird and wonderful


WEEKEND LOVE: STRANGE PLANTS A new release from indie publishers Zioxla celebrates the weird and wonderful

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Open Letter to the Born Again

"The Zionists—as distinguished from the people known as Jews—using, as someone put it, the “available political machinery,’’ i.e., colonialism, e.g., the British Empire—promised the British that, if the territory were given to them, the British Empire would be safe forever.,

But absolutely no one cared about the Jews, and it is worth observing that non-Jewish Zionists are very frequently anti-Semitic. The white Americans responsible for sending black slaves to Liberia (where they are still slaving for the Firestone Rubber Plantation) did not do this to set them free. They despised them, and they wanted to get rid of them.”


Hong Chun Zhang

1. My Grandmother’s Cage

The cage represents the patriarchal society that kept women bound to the private space within the home. Grandmother also had bound feet. The practice that crushed the bones and deformed the feet of young girls so they can have the outward appearance tiny delicate feet. The goal was to have a “Three Inch Golden Lotus” (sancun jinlian), but the actual result was unbelievable pain that lasted a lifetime. In this picture, grandmother is sewing a normal size pair of cotton shoes because her daughter was the first women in her family to break the cycle of bound feet.

2. My Mother’s Cage

Unlike my grandmother, the cage door is open. Mother had more freedom as a women in the Communist Chinese society. Her feet were not bound and she had a number of career opportunities. Still, my mother did not have the frredom to say or do what she wanted. Her cage was the restrictions of the day and Maoist Thought, especially during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The Chinese character on the cup is (weibing or hongweibing); the Red Guard.

3. My Cage

Compared to my grandmother and my mother’s generations, Chinese society has progressed and the situation for young urban women in China has improved. The cage is open and I can sit on the outside. The Chinese character on the cup is fu meaning good fortune.

Also notice that the feet are uncovered and slightly exaggerated (larger than normal).

Our Visit to the Covance Primate Quarantine Facility

We drove up to the Covance facility discussing the strategic merit of the protest, and possible media coverage and messaging, but that all fell into silence and became utterly insignificant when we saw the horror behind their fences. I expected to be pulling up to a building that hid the primates behind concrete walls; instead, the nightmare in which the primates live was shockingly visible. Standing behind a barbed wire electrified fence bearing signs that warned against bringing cameras into the facility were rows and rows of cages—at least hundreds, maybe thousands—for as far as we could see. We all went silent, and as what I was seeing sank in more, I gasped and my hand flew to my mouth. Suzanna, the dog traveling with us, started whimpering. Even she knew something was very wrong.

 We got out of the car to stand closer to the fence and look at the cages, barren and so far away from the forests from which the monkeys were kidnapped and torn away from their families. We heard a monkey scream, and I felt the cry reach inside me and tear me apart in a way that still makes me feel numb in knowing that I can’t even begin to imagine the terror that the monkeys experience—and in knowing that the terror has just begun for them. As awful and lonely as the cages look, they are a sanctuary compared to the scalpels, needles, and restraint devices that await the monkeys in laboratories. I held onto Suzanna as I listened to the screaming monkey, and I wished that my protective arms wrapped around her could be felt by all of the animals before me.


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